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Kay Hall Ministries

Professional Life Coach



Workshop Developer and Presenter

Meet Kay Hall

  • Kay has her certification as a Professional Life Coach and currently completing her Masters degree i​n Christian Counseling through Light University. Light University is the top ranking Life Coach and Christian Counseling University internationally.
  • Kay also is a public speaker bringing encouragement through her own life's experiences. Kay is also the author of the book "Beyond the Hidden Veil of Shame" a book/workbook for Post Abortion Care.
  • Kay is certified through the Bill Graham Rapid Response Team as an Emotional and Spiritual Chaplain for disasters both nationally and internationally. 
  • Kay is a lifelong learner. certified in Lean Office Simulation, Foundations of Leadership, Developing Emotional Intelligence and Train the Trainer and holds a degree in Business Administration.

  • Along with continuous learning Kay brings years of experience to her coaching ministry. She has lived life knowing that each experience will bring growth and awareness of the strength she has within.

Kay Hall